Hi there! I’m Doreen Shaw

In the 20 years plus I’ve been a professional illustrator, I’ve worked with clients during a period of incredible technological change. Adapting to different mediums and developing the new skills that go with them enables me to bring extensive experience and artistic skills to each commission, creating stunning and original contemporary illustrations in both digital and traditional mediums.

I enjoy the challenge of creating new solutions to suit each project. Just as no two projects are the same, no two days are either, so I never know what will land on my desk next. It's fair to say that I find my work extremely fulfilling.

Because each job arrives with specific criteria, this often means working in partnership with clients, exploring the strong creative mix of ideas that can be generated through collaboration. Producing work underpinned by a thorough understanding of client needs delivers satisfying results and has helped me build a loyal, diverse and long-term global client base.